Tristar Power Pressure Cooker Explosion Burn Injury Lawsuit Lawyers

A Texas woman severely injured by a pressure cooker has filed suit against the pressure cooker manufacturer, seeking damages for the harm she suffered when the pressure cooker lid exploded off the cooker despite the presence of “safety features.” 

The woman, identified as Brenika Lott from Orange, Texas, alleges that in January 2016, she was using the Power Pressure Cooker XL manufactured by Tristar Products to cook a meal consisting of sausage and beans. Ms. Lott put her ingredients in the cooker along with water, locked the lid on the cooker and pressed the “BEAN” button on the cooker which automatically started a 45-minute timer on the cooker.

When the timer had reached zero, Ms. Lott followed the cooker’s instructions by releasing the pressure valve on the lid of the cooker. Steam shot through the valve as the cooker de-pressurized. When there was no more visible steam, coming from the vent on the lid, Ms. Lott proceeded to open the lid to the cooker.

Pressure Cooker’s Defective Design Causes Serious Injuries

Tristar Products, the manufacturer of the Power Pressure Cooker XL, sells its pressure cookers in part by highlighting the device’s safety features. Chief among these touted safety features is a design that is supposed to prevent the lid of the cooker from unlocking until the cooker has been completely de-pressurized. Ms. Lott undoubtedly knew about this feature: thus, when she began to remove the lid, she certainly would have thought that the cooker was fully de-pressurized.

Instead, as Ms. Lott removed the lid to her Power Pressure Cooker XL, pressure inside the cooker caused the lid to “pop” off and the scalding-hot contents cooker erupted and spilled on Ms. Lott. In an instant, she suffered first-, second-, and third-degree burns to her arms, chest, and neck. As a result, approximately one and one-half years later Ms. Lott filed suit against Tristar.

Other Pressure Cooker Injury Victims are Out There

Ms. Lott’s experience is not alone; as a result, over 20 injury lawsuits against Tristar have already been filed and more are expected to be filed in the future. Like Ms. Lott, the victims in these lawsuits also allege that they too suffered serious burns and other injuries when the Power Pressure Cooker XL’s safety feature failed and residual pressure inside the cooker allowed the lid to “pop” off and cause contents to spew forth. 

Can You File a Lawsuit for Your Pressure Cooker Injuries?

If you or a loved one or family member were injured by an exploding pressure cooker or a pressure cooker whose lid could be opened even while the contents of the cooker were still under pressure, you may be entitled to compensation for any medical bills, surgical costs, prescription painkillers, lost income, scarring and disfigurement, and mental pain and anguish you may have suffered.

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