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An Overview of Pressure Cooker Explosion Lawsuits

National Attorneys for Pressure Cooker Explosion Burn Injury Claims

Throughout the country, lawsuits are being filed against companies that have marketed and sold pressure cookers containing dangerous defects. These lawsuits are filed by individuals who have been burned, scalded, disfigured, and otherwise hurt by steam and/or hot foods and liquids that erupted without warning from their pressure cookers.

The Science Behind Pressure Cookers

The concept of pressure cookers has been around for centuries. Pressure cookers are essentially airtight cooking containers into which water and food or other liquids are placed prior to the container being sealed. The container is then exposed to direct heat, which causes the water or liquid to boil and produce steam. The steam becomes trapped in the cooking chamber, which causes the pressure to continue to increase (and the temperature to increase as well). The super-hot steam has contact with the food inside the chamber, which heats the food quicker than traditional cooking methods.

Before the food can be removed once cooking is completed, the pressure within the cooking chamber through the use of a vent or valve. This vent/valve allows the pressure to escape in a controlled fashion. Once the pressure has been relieved, the chamber can be opened and piping-hot food or soups are ready to eat.

How are Pressure Cookers Dangerous? 

If the lid to the pressure cooker is not properly sealed, or if that seal is broken while there is still pressure in the cooking chamber, the contents of the cooking chamber can explode out of the chamber and land on people that are nearby. The temperature of the water or liquid when this happens can be higher than 250 degrees Fahrenheit – well beyond the boiling point of water – meaning that second- and third-degree burns can easily occur on contact with exposed skin. Second-degree burns are less serious than third-degree burns, but either type of burn can require medical intervention in order to limit damage to surrounding tissue, prevent infection, and reduce the amount of scarring and disfigurement.

Who Can File a Lawsuit for Pressure Cooker Injuries?

Anyone who believes that he or she suffered a serious burn or other injury while using a pressure cooker may have a valid claim for compensation against the manufacturer of that pressure cooker. Pressure cookers manufactured by HSN, QVC, ALDI, and Tristar Products are all the subject of lawsuits, and other manufacturers may likewise be liable for customers’ injuries and expenses associated with pressure cooker accidents and explosions.

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