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Pressure Cooker Burn Injury Lawsuit Settlement Payouts

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Individuals who have been seriously burned or whose family members have been injured by a defective pressure cooker may be eligible to receive a compensation award through a settlement agreement. In a settlement agreement, the injury victim and the manufacturer of the defective pressure cooker agree with one another that in exchange for the manufacturer paying a certain sum of money to the injury victim, then the injury victim agrees to cease pursuing his or her lawsuit (or refrain from filing a lawsuit).

There have been a number of individuals who have successfully settled their pressure cooker lawsuits. In general, this means the injured individuals are able to obtain financial compensation for their medical bills and other expenses more quickly than proceeding through a trial.

Examples of Pressure Cooker Lawsuit Settlements

No two settlement agreements are exactly alike, and just because someone who was injured in the same manner as you or your loved one received a certain settlement does not mean that you will. However, the following are real settlements obtained by real individuals:

  • The parents of a 2-year-old child received a settlement of $27 million from the manufacturer of a Vasconia brand pressure cooker exploded and caused serious, permanent, and disfiguring injuries to the child. In 2015, the child was being bathed in the kitchen sink by the child’s grandmother when the nearby pressure cooker’s lid exploded off of the cooker. The explosion sent the super-hot contents of the cooker everywhere, including onto the young child. The child received burns to over half of her body and her fingers, a leg, and a hip were all amputated. The settlement money was used to pay for the child’s medical bills as well as the ongoing medical and other needs that the child will have for the remainder of her life.
  • In November 2018, retailer Kohl’s paid a confidential sum to a woman injured when a Maxi-Matic Elite Bistro pressure cooker sold by Kohl’s. The woman was in the process of cooking chicken broth: the initial 45 minutes for which the cooker had been set expired, and the woman opened the cooker in order to add additional seasonings and spices to the broth. She sealed the cooker back up and started the cooker for an additional 25 minutes. During this second cooking period, the cooker expelled a large amount of steam before exploding and causing serious burns to the woman.

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