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Pressure Cooker Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

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Class action lawsuits can be a means whereby a large number of people injured by a single defendant’s actions (usually a manufacturer or other large corporation) can all obtain compensation without the necessity of each one of these injury victims filing their own separate lawsuit. In some cases, however, class action lawsuits can lead to a result that is patently unjust, and this is the accusation being made by 18 states regarding a class action lawsuit involving Tristar Products, Inc.

Basics of the Class Action Lawsuit Against Tristar Products 

Tristar Products is the manufacturer of the popular Power Pressure Cooker XL, a pressure cooker that is alleged to have one or more defects that permit the lid to be opened even while pressure remains inside the cooker. This can (and indeed, has been alleged to) result in hot liquids and steam erupting from the cooker and causing serious burns and other injuries. The class action lawsuit was brought against Tristar Products on behalf of millions of individuals who purchased these defective and potentially dangerous pressure cookers.

Under the terms of the proposed settlement, however, millions of individuals would be left in a terribly unfair position. While the attorneys representing the class members would receive millions of dollars for their fees, most of the class members themselves would receive no compensation at all under the terms of the settlement. Those that do receive “compensation” would receive a discount coupon toward the purchase of another Tristar Products pressure cooker.

What is most troubling about the settlement agreement is that, if permitted to go through, millions of class members who may have been hurt by their Power Pressure Cooker XL pressure cookers during an explosion event will lose their right to bring a separate lawsuit against for their medical bills and other expenses they may have incurred as the result of an explosion injury.

States Sue to Block Ratification of the Settlement

As a result of these unfair terms, Arizona and over a dozen other states have asked the court not to accept the settlement agreement but instead, to find that it enriches the attorneys and is unjust toward those individuals who purchased a defective pressure cooker from Tristar Products and who may have an injury claim against the company. If the court agrees with the states, the settlement could be scuttled by the court and a different resolution to the class action lawsuit would need to be sought.

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