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Just a couple of years ago, Instant Pot pressure cookers were some of the hottest items for sale on Amazon.com during the 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping season. Although there have not been any substantiated reports of Instant Pot pressure cookers exploding as there have been with other pressure cookers (in March 2018, one Texas woman claimed her Instant Pot exploded, causing her to sustain serious burns), users of Instant Pot should still be mindful of the dangers associated with modern pressure cookers.

Steps to Protect Yourself While Using Your Instant Pot

While the following tips and steps can reduce the likelihood of an explosion or eruption, there is no 100-percent effective method to completely eliminate all risks associated with an Instant Pot. Nonetheless, even reducing your risk of harm in part is better than no risk reduction at all:

  • Ensure you have enough water in the cooker. At least one cup of water should be used when using your Instant Pot to cook food;
  • Do not overfill the Instant Pot – it should not be filled more than halfway full, or else the cooker could overflow;
  • Do not use your Instant Pot as a deep fryer; and
  • Never leave your Instant Pot unattended while in use.

In addition, you should alwaysuse extreme caution when opening up the lid of your Instant Pot after cooking. Safety features on the Instant Pot pressure cooker are designed to prevent the lid from being removed while the cooker is still pressurized, as well as to regulate the temperature and amount of pressure being utilized. Consumers should read the user’s manual carefully before using their Instant Pots and ensure they know what to look for when examining whether it is safe to open the lid to their cooker.

Despite Instant Pot’s safety features, one or more of these features may fail. This, in turn, can cause dangerous amounts of pressure to build up inside the Instant Pot. This dangerous build-up of pressure has led to “eruptions” or “explosions” in other pressure cookers when the lid is removed. Serious burns and scalding injuries can occur: in one case, a young toddler who was severely burned by an exploding pressure cooker had to have her leg amputated due to the severity of her injuries.

Other Instant Pot Dangers

Between November 2014 and May 2015, at least three individuals suffered electrical burns while using their Instant Pot pressure cookers, prompting the manufacturer to issue a recall. The injuries and recall involved the Instant Pot Smart 60 Bluetooth-enabled model.

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